Curriculum for the Future

"A strangely addictive game that gets you thinking differently about education"

Why have the kids abandoned school and taken to the streets?

It's obvious...they want a new curriculum for the future! They've got some great ideas, now they need YOUR help to convince the rest of the community.


Choose a curriculum idea and juggle multiple points of view as you try to convince panels of citizens to support your proposal. Persuading them won't be easy. Everyone’s got an opinion about education, and they don’t always agree with each other!


Curriculum for the Future is brought to you by NZCER and Gamelab. It's a fun way to think about complex ideas, and it's great for playing with a friend, classmate or colleague.


Download for your iPad or Tablet, or play online.

About the game

Curriculum for the Future: The Digital Game is part of a series of free resources designed by NZCER to spark conversations about learning and curriculum today and in the future. The other resources including discussion activities, and a live action role-play game, are available on the NZCER website.

The Curriculum for the Future resources are for anyone who wants to think about the purposes of schooling, and what young people should learn now and in the future. This includes:

  • Students (recommended for students 10+)

  • Teachers and school leaders

  • Professional learning facilitators

  • Pre-service student teachers

  • Boards of Trustees

  • Parents

  • Educational policymakers

Curriculum for the Future won't tell you what the future of education should look like, but it can be used to open up big questions about schooling, teaching, and curriculum that we don't always have time or space think about in our day-to-day work. Like: Who decides what it is important to learn? How do we know that school learning is preparing students for the futures they may face? 

Where you take those conversations next is up to you!



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"Surprisingly good little app for teaching people how to pitch ideas to committee members with differing expectations and values.Simple. easy and fast. Nicely animated."

Phill Coxon

Customer Review, Play Store. March 23, 2016