Related resources

Curriculum for the Future also exists as a workshop resource and a live action role-play game.  The resources can be used separately or together, and in any order. You can find all the resources on the NZCER website.

Additional resources to support the digital game 

We used Padlet to create some additional thinking resources that relate to the curriculum ideas in the game. Each padlet has a collection of links to articles, stories, and videos that you could use to go deeper into ideas. Here are some of the ways you could use the padlets:

  • Look for articles that grab you, and read them.

  • Look for questions that get you thinking.

  • Find someone to talk to about what you're reading or thinking

  • "Remake" the padlet so you can add your own links,thoughts, ideas, reflections, and questions.

  • Think of questions that interest you, and do your own further research.

  • Post your findings and thoughts on your padlet.

  • What about doing your own drawings, voice recordings, or videos?

  • Share your padlet with friends, classmates, and colleagues.